Connected #96: Simplified the Paradigm →

With post-WWDC flu raging throughout Europe, most of the Connected crew talks about the winners and losers of WWDC including watchOS, macOS Sierra and the iPad.

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Connected #95: RelayCon WWDC 2016 →

This week’s Connected is something really special:

The Relay FM family comes together in San Francisco to discuss the WWDC announcements, in front of a live audience.

We were joined by Serenity Caldwell, John Siracusa, Jason Snell and CGP Grey to cover Apple’s busy keynote in front of 150 people. It was truly humbling to meet so many listeners, and to those on the waiting list, we will be increasing capacity next year. Thank you all so much, and I hope you enjoy the episode.

RelayCon San Francisco wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing sponsors. Thank you to Cards Against Humanity, Textexpander from Smile, MacStadium, Dash, and MacPaw.

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Connected #94: I Have No Idea When WWDC Is →

This week on Connected, our WWDC predictions took a back seat to the news coming out of Apple about App Store changes. For such short notice on the topic, I’m really happy with how this episode came out.

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As a quick note, next week’s Connected will be live on stage in San Francisco. It, along with some extra goodies, will be published as Episode 95. Don’t miss it!

Introducing Ungeniused, my new podcast about weird Wikipedia articles →

The first podcast Myke and I ever did together was called Ungeniused. On it, we broke down random Wikipedia articles each week.

That was way back in 2011. The show didn’t make the transition when we joined 5by5; we were both too busy for it. Today, I’m really excited to announce that it is back for another season on Relay FM.

Ungeniused, from Relay FM

Episode 1 is about Action Park, an amusement park with a shocking history, including six fatalities in the 1980s. At the end of the show, we were joined by John Siracusa who grew up visiting Action Park and somehow survived it.

I’d love it if you would check Ungeniused out. Most episodes will be 20-30 minutes in length, and we’ll be publishing a new episode every other week. We’ve already recorded the second episode, and it’s on a really strange topic.

Here’s how you can subscribe:

It’s nice to be making something outside of my normal realm of technology, and I think you’ll really enjoy it.

What Podcasting doesn’t need →

Marco Arment:

I’ve never been more proud to be operating a large podcast app that’s built on standard RSS, open access, and standard playback of podcasters’ original files directly from their servers, with no garbage ads being inserted, no behavioral tracking for advertisers, no proprietary lock-in, and absolutely no requirements that podcasters register with me, do anything differently, lose any control, agree to any terms, or even be aware of my app at all to be played, shared, and promoted in it.

Don’t let proprietary podcast platforms convince you that we need them.

We don’t.

Preach it, Brother Arment.