What Apple Needs to Get Done at Friday’s Press Conference

Apple has invited journalists to a press conference this Friday, presumably to address the growing chatter about the iPhone 4 antenna issue.

Obviously, what Apple says Friday is very important. If the company comes out and announces a full-blown recall, I will be shocked.

I think the best outcome is a three-pronged fix:

    1. A slightly-revamped iPhone 4 with a clear coating on the steel band.
    2. A free Bumper — or unit replacement — for any phones that display the issue. Since every phone doesn’t exhibit the problem, this wouldn’t be a full-blown recall.
    3. The software update promised a few weeks ago will still be pushed out, but with a statement from Apple that it cannot fix the issue on its own.

Anything less than this, and Apple is going to look like they are trying to cover something up. Apple has to be completely honest and open with the public. Anything less with only further damage the brand.

Whatever happens, it’s a big moment in Apple history. The fact that Apple’s problems have been in the limelight so much this week in and of itself is a little unusual, but the company calling a press conference is just plan unheard of. I can’t remember a time when modern Apple called one, actually.

Without a doubt, the stock will drop tomorrow just from the news of the event alone. Hopefully Friday won’t make that worse.