One Year of the 512 Pixels Membership

Today marks one year since I launched the 512 Pixels Membership.

For those of you who have joined, thank you. Your support has helped keep 512 Pixels a viable part of my business as RSS sponsorship has come to a screeching halt for many blogs like mine.

Benefits include:

  • A monthly newsletter named System Extension. One regular column is called Time Machine, in which I cover a handful of historically important stories based on the month. The newsletter also includes a guest post or interview each month. App reviews, commentary on current news and Q&A sessions are also be in the mix.
  • Advanced screening of videos for the 512 Pixels YouTube channel.
  • A warm feeling knowing you’re helping support the site and my work.

If you haven’t joined, there’s no better time. If you want a look at what the monthly newsletter looks like, here are a couple from earlier this year:

  • January 2018: A trip down the Macworld Expo memory lane and an interview with Simple Beep podcast host Ed Cormany.
  • March 2018: Spring Break! Then, the eMate 300, my iMac G4 video and Jason Snell’s first computer.
  • May 2018: My Apple Watch struggles, Mac OS 9 and Rosemary Orchard’s first computer.

Membership is set up as a recurring subscription. There are two ways to join: