The Mac Operating System

MacOS, Mac OS X and macOS have always been at the heart of the Mac.

The MacOS Control Strip →
Back in the day, you didn’t need no stinkin’ System Preferences.

Attack of the (Mac) Clones →
For a while there in the 90s, you could run MacOS on third-party hardware. Yikes.

Mac Chimes of Death →
Macs used to make some … interesting sounds when they died.

The Current State of OS 9 →
Even in 2008, the patient was on life support.

Mac OS X Welcome Videos →
Up until OS X Lion, new versions of Mac OS X would include fun welcome videos.

Mac OS X Installation Documentation →
PDFs of Apple’s installation documentation from Rhapsody to Snow Leopard. If Copland is more your jams, check out this post.

The Digital Hub Strategy →
With iLife, the Mac could be the center of your digital life.

Dashboard →
Mmmmm, widgets.

The Switch to Intel →
2006 may have brought Intel chips to the Mac, but the soul of the machine isn’t its silicon.

Reliving that Snow Leopard Magic →
What made the best release of Mac OS X so great?

On the Past, Present and Future of the Aqua User Interface →
Thoughts on Aqua, before Yosemite brought its wide-ranging redesign.

Mac OS X Turns 15 Years Old →
Happy birthday, OS X.

“OS X” Branding Lingers On →
The X may be gone, but it’s going to take a while to scrub it from everything.

OS X Reviews

I’ve written several OS X reviews over the years: