Apple History Library

Over the years, I’ve written a lot about the history of Apple and its products. This is a handy way to navigate all those articles. Topics are listed below; click on an image to see more.

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Apple Collection

I’ve been collecting old Apple hardware for a while. I’m working on taking photographs of everything, but in the meantime, you can read a complete inventory of what computers and devices are in the collection and mock me quietly.

Aqua Screenshot Library & 5k macOS Default Wallpapers

I have two great resources up concerning previous versions of macOS:

Apple, Inc.


Pre-Macintosh Apple Computers

Pre-Mac computers

The History of NeXT Computer

NeXT History

Clarus the Dogcow


The Newton

The Newton

Desktop Macs

Desktop Macs

The 20th Anniversary Mac

20th Anniversary Mac

The iMac G3

iMac G3

Portable Macs

Portable Macs

The iPod Family


Apple Watch


Apple Accessories


Mac OS, Mac OS X and macOS


Future Classics

Future Classics

The Brushed Metal Diaries

Brushed Metal

Books on Apple

Books on Apple