Stephen Hackett

Hello. My name is Stephen Hackett. I live in my hometown of Memphis, TN. My wife and I have three children and a dog named Eva Corndog.

I write and make podcasts for a living. I’m the co-founder of the Relay FM podcast network, and my writing can be found at various other places on the web. You can learn about these projects and more here.

I’m a collector of all things Apple. As such, old computers outnumber people in our house, and I have a dogcow tattoo on my ankle.

You can contact me here.

How to Support 512 Pixels

Here’s how you can follow along and help keep the lights on here:

What Does “512 Pixels” Mean?

The original Macintosh’s screen was 512 pixels across, making the screen resolution 72 DPI. The Mac’s GUI paved the way for computers and design as we know them today. I think that’s pretty cool.