The iPod Family

The iPod took Apple from being a small computer maker to a large consumer electronics company.

The Original iPod →
Announced in October 2001, the original iPod may have been simple, but it launched what would become a revolution. Not all of the press agreed.

iPod mini History →
The iPod mini marked a giant turning point in Apple’s music business. With its smaller size and colorful design, it turned the iPod from a tech product to a piece of fashion.

History of the iPod shuffle →
No screen, no control, no problem!

History of the iPod nano →
Music should be colorful. Very colorful. Just don’t use one as a watch/

iPod Socks →
In 2004, Apple introduced a very curious accessory for its music player: iPod Socks. There was even a special one for Boston.

History of the iPod Classic →
Apple’s full-sized iPod saw a lot of change over its lifespan.

The Harry Potter iPod →
You’re a music player, Harry!

Harry Potter iPod Follow-Up →
More details on these rare iPods.

More weird iPod editions →
My shopping list is getting longer.

The Sad Tale of Two Apple Audio Players →
RIP, iPod Hi-Fi.

Apple’s Previous Home Stereo Attempt: the iPod Hi-Fi →
Before the HomePod, there was Hi-Fi.

On iTunes Ping →
Sorry. So, so sorry.

12 Years Out, the iTunes Music Store is Still Genius →
Fun started at just 99¢.

Remembering Apple’s special Music Events →
For many years, September meant new iPods.

iPod nano and iPod shuffle Removed From Sale →
As of July 2017, only the iPod touch remains.

The History of the iPod touch →
The iPhone-without-the-phone is still kicking as of 2017.