RSS Sponsor: MailButler, Your Productivity Boosting Apple Mail Assistant →

Ever forgotten to attach some files to your email, although you mentioned them in the text? Or sent an email to a wrong person?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then MailButler is just the right thing for you, because it has your back while you’re working with Apple Mail. It saves you some very common, and very annoying mistakes, and helps you organize and optimize your email correspondence.

MailButler is an add-on, which adds many great productivity boosting features to your Apple Mail. Among them is the ability to schedule, undo, and track emails, convert emails to notes, upload email attachments regardless of size, and more. The developers plan to add new things to this list.

You can learn more about the features and also download the program here.

Use this coupon code to get 20% discount off the professional plan: 512pixels_20

RSS Sponsorship: Working Copy, Powerful Git client for iOS →

Working Copy is a powerful Git client for iPhone & iPad. It lets you clone repositories, edit files, commit changes and resolve conflicts. Other applications can open files inside Working Copy, granting Git access to all of iOS.

Having Git on both your regular computers and your iOS device is the ideal bridge between traditional and post PC computing. Work with the latest tools on iOS to embrace the future without leaving the stability of your current setup behind.

Development workflows are rapidly moving to iOS. Download Working Copy now.

RSS Sponsor: Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba →

If you do any work with audio on your Mac, Audio Hijack is for you. With it, you can record any application’s audio and get an audio file for use wherever you like.

If you can hear it, Audio Hijack can record it.

Podcasters the world over use Audio Hijack to record their shows. Whether it’s simply capturing their own mic and applying audio effects, or record Skype conversations, Audio Hijack is a podcaster’s best friend. Of course, you don’t need to be creating content to make good use of Audio Hijack. You can save a Skype conversation with an elderly relative, record a web stream from Safari, and so much more.

If you’ve ever wanted to record audio on your Mac, Audio Hijack is here to assist. Learn more and download the free trial.

RSS Sponsor: Codescanza – Scan and store loyalty cards, add them to Apple Wallet →

Codescanza is an iPhone app that stores all those loyalty cards or other codes that you can’t add to Apple Wallet.

Codes that you scan or import can be accessed instantly in Notification Center (without unlocking your phone) or by swiping up on an Apple Watch.

With Codescanza 1.2 you can also add codes directly to Apple Wallet, and if you specify a location they’ll appear automatically on your lock screen or Apple Watch whenever you’re nearby.

Download on the App Store for $2.99 or learn more at

RSS Sponsor: Browsy – The Smart Fullscreen Web Browser →

Browsy is the Smart Fullscreen Web Browser that gets out of your way. Open a webpage and everything else hides.

From brothers to parents, music lovers to iOS automators, Markdown writers to developers and designers – Browsy got something for everyone.

With features like the DuckDuckGo Omnibar, Pinboard Bookmarks view, VoiceOver support, 1Password integration, customizable gestures, and the unique Markdownify extension that allows you to turn websites into Markdown, Browsy is an essential addition to your workflow.

And now with version 1.2, Browsy goes above and beyond your iPhone with a ton of new features like the new Reading view that allows you to read all of your favorite websites in a clean and customizable layout, Support for the latest and greatest iOS features like Keyboard Shortcuts, iPad Multitasking, Spotlight Search and 3D Touch, the new Notes view that allows you to take notes while browsing and the new watchOS 2 app that allows you to remote control your iPhone, view your notes and bookmarks, or do a quick search online, all from your wrist.

Brought to you as a Universal iOS app by Sl’s Repository Ltd, a small company dedicated to making your life better, Browsy is like Safari, without the Chrome.

Get it now from the App Store for 3.99$ and Learn more about it at

If you download Browsy this week (May 16-23), 20% of your purchase will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

RSS Sponsor: In & Out – Simple Visitor Sign In for iPad →

In & Out lets you use your iPad to sign visitors in and out. Its simple interface will modernize the way you keep track of visitors.

Customize the look of In & Out with your company logo or background image. Capture your visitor’s name, email address, and phone number, or use custom fields to capture any other information. In & Out automatically keeps track of the date and time of each visit and calculates the total duration for you. You can view visitor reports within In & Out, or export them as a CSV file via email.

Ditch your paper sign in sheets and impress your visitors with something modern and easy to use.

In & Out is available for $9.99 on the App Store.

RSS Sponsor: Argentum Camera app →

Argentum Camera is a black & white camera app built from scratch with street photographers in mind. Free of any excess settings it lets you take high quality black & white images with one tap. No complicated adjustments, no need for post-processing, no selfies.

Argentum processes the images in real time applying one of the six filters, each inspired by an iconic photographer, such as Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson or Irving Penn. You can further adjust the tones by changing EV compensation or light up the scene using a torch mode. The adaptive layout of the interface places the shutter button under your thumb in landscape mode making Argentum easier to handle on larger iPhones. The whole experience is built to be seamless, so you can stop focusing on the camera and start focusing on capturing the moments you witness.

Argentum strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and functionality. Being simple but powerful it is purely about capturing photos and enjoying the process. Check it out; lose yourself in monochrome.

RSS Sponsor: The iBooks Author Conference →

The iBooks Author Conference brings together the growing, diverse community of content creators using iBooks Author to create interactive, multimedia-driven digital books.

iBooks Author is Apple’s digital publishing software, originally created by Steve Jobs to “digitally destroy” the bloated educational textbook market. Today, iBooks Author is used around the world (well outside of just education) to create compelling content and, in many cases, publish it into Apple’s iBooks Store for nearly a billion devices worldwide.

Creatives. Educators. Corporate trainers. Marketing professionals. Self-published authors in every genre. Entrepreneurs. Digital natives of every walk, in every industry and sector.

You’re invited to join us at the 2016 iBooks Author Conference, October 6-7 in Nashville, Tennessee at the famous Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. Southwest Airlines, which uses iBooks Author to create Southwest Airlines University (its internal training curriculum), is the overall keynote. We look forward to seeing you in the fall!

RSS Sponsor: Interact: Do more with your contacts →

Interact empowers you and your contacts to get more done in less time, with features like group management, one-tap contact creation, and easy communication.

Interact works directly with your iOS Contacts accounts, adding features not available in the built-in iPhone and iPad Contacts app, like:

  • Group management. Create and manage membership in groups.
  • Capture contact information from plain text anywhere with the system with the Contact Scratchpad. The Scratchpad automatically recognizes phone numbers, emails, addresses and much more to easily turn an email signature or other block of text into a complete contact record.
  • Send group emails and messages with attachments from photos or files from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive or any other iOS document provider.

And best of all, since Interact works directly with iOS Contacts, any done in Interact is immediately reflected throughout iOS wherever contacts are used.

Get Interact on the App Store today!