Connected #278: Honey for my Ears »

This week on Connected:

Phillr gets an update, iCloud encryption is in the news and Federico shows off his home screens. Also: rumors of a new Smart Keyboard, the possibility of Apple making its own podcasts and a bunch of creepy — yet soothing — whispering.

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The Incomparable #497: A Concerning Amount of Tootsie Rolls »

This week, I joined a lovely panel of nerds on The Incomparable to talk about Apple’s For All Mankind:

Hi Bob! We continue our early 2020 survey of late 2019 TV favorites with “For All Mankind”, an Apple TV+ series from Ron Moore about a NASA space program that has taken some dramatic turns since Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov became the first person to set foot on the moon. We discuss the show’s balancing modern themes with its alt-historical context, how purely fictional and fictionalized historical characters fare, the merits of a weekly episode drop, lunar FaceTime and fax machines, and where it all might be headed in as the show’s second season (perhaps) reaches the 1980s.

I really liked this show and am excited for the second season later this year.

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It supports the Shortcuts app allowing you to automate file transfers and can be used from the share sheet for fast uploads.

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Mac Power Users #519: Workflows with Greg Pierce »

This week on the show:

Drafts developer Greg Pierce joins Stephen and David to talk about his move to an iMac, his development career and when it is time not to upgrade to a new device.

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About that Easy Pay Video »

One of the true gems on The Apple Archive is this video about Easy Pay, a roaming payment solution Apple used in its retail stores back in my day.

Rumor around Apple Retail was that this video was not officially-sanctioned, and that the people involved had been let go after it surfaced. Sean Hollister at The Verge has gotten to the bottom of this once and for all:

I can guess what you’re thinking, but no, these employees were not fired — in fact, a LinkedIn profile suggests lead singer Brian Maslow spent five more years at the company and got promoted first to train his fellow Apple retail employees, later trained Whole Foods employees, and is now a manager of talent development at NBCUniversal.

That’s good news, but the video is still very, very bad.

Connected #277: Good Luck Not Waking up the Entire Building »

This week on the show:

After working out what the award should be for the two Chairman spots, the boys ponder the future of the iPad Pro’s accessories and the holes on the back of the rack-mounted Mac Pro. Then, Myke provides a tour of CES.

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