Countdown »

Countdown is a new podcast from Time recounting some of the most dangerous missions in crewed space flight history. The first episode is about the Lunar Module mishap that could have turned tragic back on Apollo 10. The episode is well produced and short, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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Sketchy Rumor on iPhone SE Update Appears »

Joe Rossignol, MacRumors:

The rumor comes from French-language blog iGeneration, which cited an unnamed source claiming Apple will hold a product event in late August to introduce an updated version of the 4-inch smartphone.

Mickaël Bazoge, the author of the article, told MacRumors that he received the info from a “new source” with an unproven track record. He expressed some skepticism, but added that the source “seems reliable.”

As Rossignol points out, no iPhone has ever been launched in August. However, the SE was the first iPhone to launch in the spring outside of the Verizon iPhone 4.

The SE has most of the technology found in the iPhone 6S. I don’t see Apple revving this to match the iPhone 7 quite yet, and many think the 4-inch phone is a one-off, doomed to die on the vine. If that happens, I know my wife would be disappointed.

Query #3: Don’t Make Fake Children »

This week on my new tech Q&A show with Serenity Caldwell:

Michael wants to keep his location private on social media, Neal is looking into iCloud Family Sharing and Max just wants to keep his AirPods clean. Then, a fix for a forgetful Spotlight and the country Ren calls home.

Oh, and Ren has a fake child in her iCloud account, stuck there until they turn 18.

Liftoff #51: Dark Matter, with Dr. Katie Mack »

This week on Liftoff, Jason and I were honored to talk with Dr. Katie Mack. She is a theoretical astrophysicist working on dark matter at the University of Melbourne. On this episode, she explains what dark matter is, and the potential it has to change our understanding of the universe, physics and more.

It was a real honor to talk to Dr. Mack, and I hope you enjoy our interview. Thanks to Blue Apron for sponsoring this week’s episode.

Transmit 5 »

Panic’s FTP client for macOS just received a huge update. The new version is faster, supports more cloud services, and now syncs your servers with other Macs and iOS devices. Interestingly, but not shockingly, Transmit 5 is not in the Mac App Store.

I’ve used Transmit for a decade, and was glad to upgrade today. Go check it out.