It’s macOS Sonoma Day!

Today, Apple is rolling out macOS Sonoma. Here are the system requirements:

  • iMac Pro: 2017 (RIP)
  • MacBook Air: 2018 and later
  • MacBook Pro: 2018 and later
  • Mac mini: 2018 and later
  • iMac: 2019 and later
  • Mac Pro: 2019 and later
  • Mac Studio: All models

If your machine can run it, and the third-party apps you depend on are ready, Sonoma has been pretty solid in my testing over the summer.

As usual, I’ve got a roundup of links for you:

Some great Mac utilities have been updated for Sonoma, including Bartender, Unite, Mimestream, Dark Noise, Things and many more, including Rogue Amoeba’s apps.

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Kbase Article of the Weekend: Charge and Connect With the USB-C Connector on Your iPhone 15 →

Apple, in a new support document about the USB-C ports on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro:

USB-C is a universally accepted standard that enables charging, syncing data, and playing audio and video. iPhone 15 models have a USB-C connector, which allows you to charge and connect to a variety of devices, including Mac, iPad, AirPods Pro (2nd generation), external storage devices, and displays.

Apple’s FineWoven iPhone Cases Just Aren’t That Good

A lot of folks’ initial impressions of Apple’s new FineWoven iPhone cases have been pretty bad. The new fabric back doesn’t feel premium enough for the price Apple is charging, and is already failing to hold up to real-world use, as Federico Viticci has discovered.

I immediately discovered that the hole cut out in the bottom of the case isn’t big enough to accommodate any of my third-party USB-C cables. Upon closer inspection, I realized one reason why:

FineWoven case with misaligned port

The cutout for the USB-C port on my $60 iPhone case isn’t centered. As you can see, the tiny screw to one side of the port is partially visible, while on the other side, it is completely covered. Likewise, the openings for the speakers and microphones are also misaligned.

It’s one thing for these cases to be a letdown in terms of material, but this is a level of sloppiness that genuinely surprises me from Apple. I know not every example out there is as bad as mine, but the vibes around this case aren’t good.