Connected #252: Full Oracle Mode »

This week on the show:

Federico has concerns about dummy units of the next iPhone. Stephen is troubled by the icon used for Software Update in macOS. Both of them receive a visit from a mystic being named Myke. Oh, and it’s World Emoji Day!

All of that, plus a conversation about Apple’s rumored entrance into the world for paywalled podcast content and a rumor about the six color Apple logo making a comeback.

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Liftoff #103: Apollo 11 »

Big week on Liftoff:

50 years ago, humans first set foot on the moon. The work of the crew of Apollo 11 has inspired people for five decades, and their legacy continues to shine on today. In this episode, Stephen and Jason discuss three aspects of the mission that aren’t as well known, including Neil Armstrong’s brush with death in a training exercise, the science performed by the crew during their lunar EVA, and the astronauts’ less-than-glamorous welcome back to Earth.

I am very proud of how this episode came out. With so much great Apollo 11 content out there, I think we were able to dig into some areas that most people don’t know much about.

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Today Marks the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 

Five decades ago, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins’s massive Saturn V rocket lifted off in Florida, propelling the three men toward the moon, and into history. I’ll be collecting some links here today marking the occasion:

Mac Power Users #491: Working Hard in the Gaming Industry, with Simone de Rochefort »

This week on MPU:

Simone de Rochefort is a video producer and podcaster at Polygon, and co-hosts Rocket on Relay FM. She walks Stephen and David through the process of creating videos at Polygon, from the writing process, to capturing game footage, editing and more.

This interview was a lot of fun, mainly because Simone is awesome.

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Apple Disables Walkie Talkie »

Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch:

Apple has disabled the Apple Watch Walkie Talkie app due to an unspecified vulnerability that could allow a person to listen to another customer’s iPhone without consent, the company told TechCrunch this evening.

Apple has apologized for the bug and for the inconvenience of being unable to use the feature while a fix is made.

Here is the company’s statement:

We were just made aware of a vulnerability related to the Walkie-Talkie app on the Apple Watch and have disabled the function as we quickly fix the issue. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and will restore the functionality as soon as possible. Although we are not aware of any use of the vulnerability against a customer and specific conditions and sequences of events are required to exploit it, we take the security and privacy of our customers extremely seriously. We concluded that disabling the app was the right course of action as this bug could allow someone to listen through another customer’s iPhone without consent. We apologize again for this issue and the inconvenience.

While that is a pretty bad bug, it seems like that Apple jumped on this much more quickly than the did the previous Group FaceTime bug, which was similar in nature.