Hands-on with Multiple HomePod Timers 

One thing that has kept the Amazon Echo in our kitchen — and the HomePod in my studio — has been Siri’s lack of multiple timer support. With today’s iOS 12 update, the HomePod now supports multiple timers.

In practice, this works basically the same as it does on the Echo.1 You can ask Siri to set to set multiple timers with custom names, then ask Siri to check in on them or cancel them. I recorded a little back and forth with my HomePod to show you how it works:

Annoyingly, this support seems to be limited to the HomePod; the iPhone is still unable to set more than one timer. When you ask Siri to create a second timer, it tries to replace the existing one:

Worse than that is the Apple Watch, where the second timer just automatically replaces the first.

Apple really should make this sort of thing consistent across devices.

  1. Sadly, Apple doesn’t give you anywhere in the Home app to visually review your running timers, like Amazon does. 

Overcast 5 »

The best podcast client for iOS keeps getting better. Marco Arment’s latest updates includes offline, local playback on the watch, in-app search, Siri shortcuts, a refreshed Now Playing screen and more.

Federico’s iOS 12 Review »

For the last several years, Federico Viticci has written the review of new iOS versions, and this year is no different:

With iOS 12, Apple wants to rectify iOS’ performance woes, proving to their customers that iOS updates should never induce digital regret. Perhaps more notably though, iOS 12 doesn’t have a single consumer feature that encapsulates this release – like Messages might have been for iOS 10 or the iPad for iOS 11. Instead, iOS 12 is a constellation of enhancements revolving around the overarching theme of time. Apple in 2018 needs more time for whatever the next big step of iOS may be; they want iOS users to understand how much time they’re spending on their devices; and they want to help users spend less time managing certain system features. Also, funnily enough, saving time is at the core (and in the very name) of iOS 12’s most exciting new feature: Shortcuts.

As always, this review is well-considered, easy to navigate and amazingly helpful. Go grab your iPad and a coffee and get started.

Infinite Loop Oral History »

Steven Levy at Wired:

Twenty-five years ago, the computer revolution’s marquee company was in decline. Back then, it was just settling into shiny new headquarters, a campus of six buildings that formed a different kind of ring. Called Infinite Loop, the name is a reference to a well-known programming error—code that gets stuck in an endless repetition—though no one seems to kn ow who applied it. Infinite Loop was the place where Apple’s leaders and engineers pulled off a historic turnaround, and it will always be the source of stories and legends—many of them untold. Until now.


I picked up a 256 GB iPhone XS Max. My iPhone X is silver, so I am going Space Gray this time around to mix it up. As usual, I have a black leather case that I won’t use very often coming as well.

I’m a little nervous that the Max is going to be too big, so I’m holding onto my iPhone X for now. I need to have the crack in the rear glass dealt with anyways, so it’s going to be a 5.8-inch safety net for a couple of weeks.

Oddly, very few iPhone models showed as available for pickup at my local Apple Store when ordering in the iOS app, so I’m stuck waiting for a delivery next Friday.

There’s no Series 4 Apple Watch coming my way yet. I’ve taken to only wearing my Series 3 on days I exercise, and after spending way too much money on a phone, I’m sitting this one out for now. Besides, I want to try the new sizes on before ordering.

Connected #209: Secret NBA Training »

This week, on a very busy Connected:

Federico is sore about coming in second place, but we’re all winners, because Apple has new iPhones and Apple Watches.

Well, not Federico. He still came in second place.

Don’t miss the B-Side, on which I talk with John Voorhees about Ken Kocienda’s book Creative Selection.

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