Sponsor: SheetPlanner: The Ultimate Tool for Organizing Information, Managing Projects and Getting Things Done »

SheetPlanner helps you organize information, manage your projects, and schedule your tasks and activities with unparalleled power and flexibility.

Get organized…
Organize information using the Outliner to provide structure. Populate the start, finish and progress columns to create a schedule and track progress. Add custom, text, number, date, symbol, list and picture columns to track additional information.

Make a plan…
Visualize tasks with start and finish dates on the Timeline. Change the Timeline scope to get a high level view of your project over multiple years or zoom in to weeks or even days for more precision. See the progress of each task in the Timeline. Customize the color of Timeline bars. Preview and print the Timeline.

Get things done…
Use filters to focus on what’s important, due today, due tomorrow, or whatever criteria you determine. View filtered tasks in the timeline, month and yearly calendar. Check items off as they are completed in the outline, timeline, month or year views. Hide completed items to stay focused.

You can download SheetPlanner from the Mac App Store, where a 21-day trial is available.

Introducing More Power Users »

Today, David Sparks and I are thrilled to introduce More Power Users, a special dedicated feed for MPU members that includes ad-free episodes, as well as regular bonus segments, more focused on news or current happening in the Apple community. This is something we don’t get to do very often on MPU, and we’re excited to have this conversations together.

(For example, this week after our interview with David Smith, we talked for a while about the possibility of touchscreens coming to Macs.)

You can join here:

If you are already a MPU member, just sign in to your Memberful account, select More Power Users from the drop down list and easily subscribe in your podcast app of choice.

The Omni Group »

My thanks to The Omni Group for sponsoring 512 Pixels this week.

Since their founding in 1992, The Omni Group has created powerful tools for productive professionals. Designed for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, the Omni Productivity Suite is software engineered with pros (and their work) in mind.

Connected #301: We Should Be Developers »

This week’s episode of Connected is a special one:

The guys talk with Jenny Chen, an Apple engineer who works on Apple Pencil software, and Stephen Tonna from Apple’s product marketing team about what’s new in iPad OS 14, including Scribble and the release’s updated design language. Then, Federico, Myke and Stephen discuss the future of both Apple Arcade and iPhone chargers.

I really enjoyed getting to chat with Jenny and Stephen. iPadOS 14 is seriously cool.

My thanks to them and to our sponsors:

  • PDFpen, from Smile: The ultimate tool for editing PDFs on the Mac.
  • Miro: The online collaborative whiteboard platform. Sign up for a free account today.
  • Pingdom: Start monitoring your website performance and availability today, and get instant alerts when an outage occurs or a site transaction fails. Use offer code CONNECTED to get 30% off. Offer expires on January 31, 2021.

Macintosh Manager: About the Hand Out Feature »

Apple Support:

A Macintosh Manager administrator can hand out files to members of the currently active workgroup, or to specific users that belong to the active workgroup (Figure 1). This feature is only available when logged in as a Macintosh Manager administrative user, either a Workgroup Administrator or a Global Macintosh Manager Administrator. When logged in to a Panels environment, this feature is found in the File menu. If the Hand Out command is dimmed, bring the Documents Panel to the foreground to make it available.

What was Macintosh Manager? Dennis Sellers has details.