Kbase Article of the Week: MobileMe: Unable to Select Items for Upload to MobileMe iDisk or MobileMe Gallery via Web Browser in Microsoft Windows →

Apple Support:

The upload utility for MobileMe Gallery and MobileMe iDisk may not display files correctly when accessed from a web browser in Microsoft Windows. In this case, folders that contain files may appear to be empty.

This issue may occur in any supported Windows web browser, such as Safari for Windows, Firefox, and/or Internet Explorer.

The fix in the article includes this glorious screenshot:

MobileMe iDisk in XP

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Unite 4 for macOS →

My thanks to Unite 4 for sponsoring 512 Pixels this week. Unite 4 for macOS allows you to turn any website into an app on your Mac. Using a lightweight, WebKit powered browser as a backend, you can easily create isolated, customizable apps from any site.

You can also try Unite for 14 days absolutely free or use it as part of your subscription if you’re a Setapp subscriber!

Twenty Years Ago, Steve Jobs Held a Funeral for Mac OS 9

At WWDC in May 2002, Apple said goodbye to the classic Mac OS in a weird and wonderful way:

Philip Michaels wrote about it Macworld:

Steve Jobs wore black Monday, and not just because that’s the Apple CEO’s usual sartorial color of choice. Instead, Jobs donned his trademark black mock turtleneck to preside over a funeral for Mac OS 9.

So as a coffin appeared on the San Jose Convention Center stage and Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor echoed through the crowded exhibit hall, Jobs kicked off Apple’s annual developers conference by laying to rest OS 9, eulogizing the classic Mac OS as “a friend to us… always at our beck and call, except when he forgot who he was and needed to be restarted.”

I love how much fun this is, but I’m sure it wasn’t a joyous occasion if your workflows were still based on OS 9.