Kbase Article of the Week: MobileMe: Using Entourage 2008 Sync Services »

Apple Support:

If you synchronize Microsoft Entourage 2008 contacts with Address Book via MobileMe, events and tasks with iCal via MobileMe, or Entourage notes with MobileMe, you should install the Microsoft Office Update 12.1.2, or later, on all your Macs which sync.

You may also encounter a scenario in which certain contacts, events, notes or tasks may not appear to synchronize.

To make sure the latest Office 2008 update(s) available for your Mac are installed, use Microsoft AutoUpdate for Mac. Simply, open any Office 2008 application and choose Check for Updates from the Help menu to open Microsoft AutoUpdate.

Sponsor: Paste – Unlimited Clipboard for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad »

Don’t you hate it when you copy something and then can’t find it? It’s a total productivity killer, not to mention extremely frustrating. Thankfully, there’s Paste.


Paste is like a time machine for your clipboard. It stores every text, link, image, or file you copy on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad so that it’s always there when you need it. You’ll never lose a copy again.

Paste feels like a native part of the macOS, with a beautiful interface that seamlessly integrates into your workflow. Want to find a recipe you copied last year? Just scroll through the large, easy-to-read previews of your clipboard and you’ll find it in seconds.
You can also create pinboards for items that you frequently use – your address, for example – so that you can access them even faster. It all adds up to less frustration and more productivity for any Mac user. So try Paste for free today and start enjoying the better way to copy and paste. Finally.

Mac Power Users #587: Catching Up with Casey Liss »

This week on Mac Power Users:

Casey Liss drops by to chat with Stephen and David about waiting on the next Apple silicon announcement, his iPhone development work, home automation and how not to deal with digital photos.

In the members-only version, Casey and I quiz David about his new project with Mrs. MacSparky.

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Selling Apps in 2003 »

Brent Simmons:

Apple likes to claim that the App Store replaced the system of selling software in physical boxes in stores and over the mail.

But it’s not true.

My experience selling apps before the App Store was not unique or new — it’s only interesting now because people may have forgotten this history, and younger people may never have heard it.

On Apple Podcasts’ Slow Refresh Speeds »

Jason Snell:

I’m getting a lot of tweets and emails saying the same thing: the latest episode of (some podcast I’m involved with) hasn’t shown up in Apple Podcasts.

Unfortunately, right now my only answer is to say, “It’s displaying properly in every other podcast app around, so if you’ve ever thought of using Overcast or Castro or Pocket Casts or any other alternative podcast app, now might be a good time to try.”

This is an issue on Apple’s side. Apple is aware of it and presumably is working on a fix.

I do have a theory about what’s happening, though.

We’re seeing this with Relay FM shows, and it’s really frustrating for us and listeners both. I sure hope this will be resolved sooner rather than later.

RIP, Nuzzel »

Tony Haile:

Twitter announced today that they will be acquiring Scroll and this version of Nuzzel will be shutting down on May 6, 2021. However, Twitter has spun up an internal team of Nuzzel acolytes whose goal is to take the best of the Nuzzel experience and build it directly into Twitter. Nuzzel users who are interested in helping us define what that should look like or get early access to what we build should sign up here.

I really hope these plans pan out; Nuzzel was great.

Connected #344: A Chainsaw from Eight Miles Away »

On this week’s episode of Connected:

There are some amazing websites on the Internet, but nothing can ease the pain brought by iPad mini rumors. Stephen knows about sound, Myke has a new keychain and Federico has a story to tell about Obsidian.

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