Apple Launches Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR 

They run $129 and come in black or white:

The iPhone XS model does not seem to be compatible with the iPhone X, but all three will work with wireless chargers. Here’s what kind of battery life we can expect from the cases:

  • iPhone XS: 33 hours talk time, 21 hours Internet use, and 25 hours video playback
  • iPhone XR: 39 hours talk time, 22 hours Internet use, and 27 hours video playback
  • iPhone XS Max: 37 hours talk time, 20 hours Internet use, and 25 hours video playback

via Rene Ritchie on Twitter.

Kbase Article of the Week: Mac OS X Server v10.6.4 Update Mac mini (Mid 2010) »

This was a very specific update:

The Mac OS X 10.6.4 Update is recommended for all users of Mac mini (Mid 2010). This update contains all the applicable fixes from the Mac OS X 10.6.4 Update, plus the following specific fixes for Mac mini (Mid 2010):

  • Resolves compatibility and performance-related graphics issues.
  • Improves compatibility with large-format SDXC memory cards.

Mac Power Users #465: The Mighty Mac mini »

This week on Mac Power Users, David Sparks and I talk about the history and present of the Mac mini, before diving into a myriad of ways to use it as a home or office server, as well as its merits as a standalone workstation:

Introduced as a low-cost way to switch to the Mac, the Mac mini can now be found working quietly as home and office servers, hosting files, media, backups and more.

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Download #86: The 2019 CES Draft »

This week on Download, I joined Florence Ion and Mikah Sargent in drafting stories coming from CES:

The Consumer Electronics Show is, as always, a flood of new technology, corporate announcements, products that will never ship, and embarrassing garbage. How better to sum it all up then with a draft? In this episode, we choose the top stories of the week, then move on to pick some vaporware and the worst story of the show. But don’t worry, in the end we’ve got some fuzzy CES puppies to cheer you up. Is that fresh bread I smell?

Connected #225: The Bear Will Charge You »

We’re back!

Stephen, Myke and Federico kick off 2019 with annual predictions, a look at Apple’s recent TV moves and the most amazing Shortcut of all time.

I may have gotten a little bold with my predictions this time around.

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iOS Access for All, iOS 12 Edition »

Shelly Brisbin has updated her excellent iOS Access for All for 2019:

This is the sixth edition of my book, and it’s fully updated for iOS 12.1. The book has grown along with Apple’s mobile software – its 168,000 words, with a page count that varies by platform, but that’s between 700 and 800 pages on many platforms. But more important than word or page count, iOS Access for All remains most comprehensive iOS accessibility resource anywhere!

This is the book when it comes to the topic of accessibility and Apple platforms.