Connected #301: We Should Be Developers »

This week’s episode of Connected is a special one:

The guys talk with Jenny Chen, an Apple engineer who works on Apple Pencil software, and Stephen Tonna from Apple’s product marketing team about what’s new in iPad OS 14, including Scribble and the release’s updated design language. Then, Federico, Myke and Stephen discuss the future of both Apple Arcade and iPhone chargers.

I really enjoyed getting to chat with Jenny and Stephen. iPadOS 14 is seriously cool.

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Macintosh Manager: About the Hand Out Feature »

Apple Support:

A Macintosh Manager administrator can hand out files to members of the currently active workgroup, or to specific users that belong to the active workgroup (Figure 1). This feature is only available when logged in as a Macintosh Manager administrative user, either a Workgroup Administrator or a Global Macintosh Manager Administrator. When logged in to a Panels environment, this feature is found in the File menu. If the Hand Out command is dimmed, bring the Documents Panel to the foreground to make it available.

What was Macintosh Manager? Dennis Sellers has details.

The New York Times is Pulling out of Apple News »

Kellen Browning and Jack Nicas:

The Times is one of the first media organizations to pull out of Apple News. The Times, which has made adding new subscribers a key business goal, said that Apple had given it little in the way of direct relationships with readers and little control over the business. It said it hoped to instead drive readers directly to its own website and mobile app so that it could “fund quality journalism.”

“Core to a healthy model between The Times and the platforms is a direct path for sending those readers back into our environments, where we control the presentation of our report, the relationships with our readers, and the nature of our business rules,” Meredith Kopit Levien, chief operating officer, wrote in a memo to employees. “Our relationship with Apple News does not fit within these parameters.”

The NYT never took part in Apple News+, but even that seems to have resulted in disappointing revenue for publishers. I know some in the Apple world would prefer the company to be between them and publishers to obscure their personal information, but clearly that doesn’t work with existing business models. I don’t blame the NYT for making this call.

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MPU 542: Beta Tales »

This week on Mac Power Users:

It’s beta season, and David and Stephen have reported for duty with reports of new features and general thoughts on macOS Big Sur, iOS and iPadOS 14 as well as watchOS 7. Plus, a brief announcement about something coming in July.

Don’t be like David.

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