Nola Taylor Redd at Space.com:

In 2023, a bit of the primordial solar system will return to Earth. That’s when NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex mission will return a sample of the asteroid Bennu, a carbon-rich rock hosting traces of the early solar system. While there, the mission will conduct an in-depth study of the rocky body, learning more about how sunlight can shift its position, before gathering a small sample to return to Earth.

This mission seems so much like science fiction, but it’s real, and it’s launching in just a couple of weeks.

Mojician »

One of the best parts of Slack is the ability to load custom emojis for people on your team to use. In the Relay FM slack, we have a whole bunch:

Custom emoji

Most of these have come for art people happened to have around. Will Duffy has launched a new service named Mojician to make it easy to find new custom emoji, upload your favorites and more:

Mojician is an emoji search engine that lets you search (obvi), upload, and curate your own custom emoji collections. Now you’ll always have the best emoji reactions for every situation. Your only problem will be deciding the best one to use.

This is pretty awesome.

Castro 2 »

My buddies at Supertop have released Castro 2, a new podcast client for the iPhone that brings something new to the landscape: the ability to triage shows and episodes.

Castro is the first app that is designed to help you track a broad range of shows and pick out the episodes that appeal to you. Subscribing to a podcast doesn’t have to be a commitment to listen to every episode. You don’t have to choose a narrow few shows and miss out on the rest.

It’s a great idea, and it’s wrapped in one of the best-looking iOS apps I’ve seen in a while.

Five Years of Tim »

Jena McGregor has a lengthy piece on Tim Cook in The Washington Post, five years after Steve Jobs announced he was stepping down as CEO.

In the interview, Cook is his regular self. He doesn’t stray far from points the company has made before, but this passage jumped out at me, in context of Apple being an active voice in social issues:

Maybe there are compelling reasons why some people want to be silent. I think for us, though — for a company that’s all about empowering people through our products, and being a collection of people whose goal in life is to change the world for the better — it doesn’t sit right with me that you have that kind of focus, but you’re not making sure your carbon footprint isn’t poisoning the place. Or that you’re not evangelizing moving human rights forward. I think every generation has the responsibility to enlarge the meaning of human rights.

RSS Sponsor: Obscura 3.0 – Available Now »

Obscura is a camera app for iOS. A really great camera app. What makes it great? Obscura was designed, not just as a handful of features that photography geeks care about, but instead to make it easy to take great photos.

Obscura has always given you powerful manual control over ISO, exposure, focus, and shutter speed, as well as beautiful filters and ergonomic controls like no other.

New in the latest major update are gesture-based exposure and focus controls that offer effortless adjustments to those settings with just a swipe of your thumb, letting you quickly get the perfect image no matter the conditions. But don’t worry, great auto-focus and auto-exposure controls are there for more casual shooting.

With Her »

The Hillary Clinton campaign has launched an official podcast sharing some of the behind-the-scenes details of the campaign. Regardless of your thoughts on the election, this is a pretty big move in the world of podcasting.