‘Hopes & Predictions’

Federico Viticci at Mac Stories has posted his predictions for OS X 10.7, which may be introduced next week at Apple’s event:

iOS is not coming to the desktop, but Apple is looking for a way to integrate the desktop with the iOS environment. That’s quite a difference. Expect FaceTime being integrated into iChat, a desktop version of iBooks (which would be just great on a new MacBook Air…) and the possibility to check on Game Center leaderboards and updates directly form your computer. Again, I’m just speculating here: what if Apple comes up with a system to “link” desktop apps to iOS counterparts? 1Password, for example, uses its own method to transfer and sync databases across the Mac and iOS. Wouldn’t it be awesome for developers to be able to easily let iOS and OS X communicate with an official framework?

While I think this will be the biggest feature added to Mac OS X for 10.7 (along with FaceTime), there are plenty of other areas that could use some polish as well.