What a Shocker: Woz Has Fake White iPhone 4

Mark Gurman at 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that the white iPhone 4 Woz showed off in a video with CNN is a fake. Here is what Woz wrote to an inquisitive 9 to 5 Mac reader:

This Chinese teen sold the white parts on the internet. I got in early (although the kid had already made $130K) and got my front and back plates and modified my iPhone 4.

I don’t see why anyone (especially a writer for a Apple-centric website) would assume that anyone — even the mighty Woz — would have a legit white iPhone 4. It is a product that Apple hasn’t released, assumedly due to endless production problems. Why would Apple allow anyone to have one if it is so riddled with problems?

While we all learned this summer that Apple employees carry devices off-campus for testing purposes, to think that Woz would have one of these devices, and be dumb enough to show it off to CNN is pretty hard to believe.

For most people, at least. Gurman:

Oh, and we thought Woz had connections.

Thinking is hard when you’re focused on traffic-grabbing headlines.