Apple’s Bertrand Serlet: X11 Excluded in Lion?

Reader Joe Cassara sent this email to Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering:

Hi Bertrand,

Will OS X Lion still include the XWindow system? Since LION will no longer support Rosetta, my favorite Commodore 64 emulator (Power64) will no longer work. The only alternative (VICE) requires X11.

Kind regards,

Joe Cassara
Miami, FL

Here was Selet’s response:

Maybe it’s time to move on from the Commodore 64 software…

— Bertrand

While I’ve been told by Lion users that X11 is part of the installer, that doesn’t mean it will be there in the final release. I’m hoping Selet’s response was more in jest than actually saying X11’s time is dated as part of OS X. Don’t you just love cryptic emails?

Click here to view a screenshot sent by Cassara.