Lion More Painful than Vista?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:

Having lived with the pain of Vista pre-SP1, I can tell you that the problems currently facing Apple with Lion are worse. Much worse. In fact, it’s such a nuisance that I’ve decided to install Snow Leopard into a different partition and switch to the old OS for the time being, keeping Lion so I can keep an eye on future updates to see if they fix these issues.

I don’t think many would say 10.7.0 is without bugs, but this really just seems like link bait.[1. Crap, I fell for it, didn’t I?] Vista was a serious piece of crap out of the gate, and honestly, still is in many respects.

Update: Ben Brooks chimes in:

With Vista my computer was barely useable, and honestly wasn’t useable for what I wanted to do on it for months.

Lion is not worse than Vista and saying so is a flat out lie.