The Cheap One

Michael Laccheo:

The Kindle will let me have a cheap device that won’t heat up in the blistering summer sun, is light enough to hold and read one handed, won’t be affected by glare from the sun, and I won’t mind reading while standing in the pool because for 80 bucks it’s relatively replaceable.

I pre-ordered the Kindle Touch yesterday, but today, canceled that order and got the basic Kindle.

The only reason I went with the Touch was the … well, touch. But the lack of physical page-turn buttons and my lingering doubts on how good the touch might be kept bugging me.

The big potential con of going this route is the lack of a physical or touch-screen keyboard. Moving around the digital keyboard with Amazon’s d-pad is probably going to be a pain, but I don’t ever type on my wife’s 3rd-generation Kindle.

via Shawn Blanc