Type2Phone Turns any Mac Into a Bluetooth Keyboard 

As pointed out by Erica Sadun at TUAW, Type2Phone is a neat little Mac app that allows users to type on their iPhone from their Mac.

While this seems a bit silly, I know that I type much faster on my computer than on my iPhone, and stopping my work to answer a text message can be annoying. This app promises much smoother interaction with iOS.

To set the app up, the iPhone and Mac have to be paired over Bluetooth, which I found a little buggy. I blame Lion for that, but once I got the pairing up and going, the app worked as advertised. I got a text message, swiped to reply, tabbed to Type2Phone on my iMac and replied. Until iMessage makes it to the desktop, this is a neat little way to make texting less intrusive while working at a computer.

(Of course, Type2Phone works with any text field on iOS, but iMessage makes the most sense to me for this app.)

While the app isn’t the best-looking on the App Store, I think it’ll be living in my Dock from now on.