On Scrup

For some time, I’ve been using Droplr, but I’ve always had a few reservations about it:

  • I only ever use it for screen shots.
  • I don’t have access to the files on my own server, as Droplr uses an S3 account they control.

This morning, in an attempt to avoid a big project I should be working on, I decided to try to find an alternative. I have, in Scrup.

Scrup in an open-source menubar app that — when coupled with your own FTP server — re-creates the main functionality of Droplr — easy sharing.

Setup was as easy as creating a directory on my server and adding a .php file to it. Now, when I take a screenshot, I get a new window, allowing me to edit it quickly, then off it goes to the 512 Pixels server. Once it’s uploaded, Scrup puts the URL — which it creates — on my clipboard. I even have it set to trash the screenshot afterwards, as the only reason I take screen shots normally is to share them via Twitter or email.

It’s just what I need — and nothing I don’t. I don’t share files over Droplr — those are usually handled by Dropbox. And since everything is on my own server, I have access to them as long as my own server is up and running.