More on “No Compromise”

John Gruber, on Windows 8:

There is no such thing as “no compromise”.


In short, Microsoft doesn’t seem willing to compromise on its vision for Windows 8. Metro is hard to use with a mouse, and Windows is hard to use on a tablet. Microsoft is compromising where it matters the most — the user experience.

Apple is willing to compromise with what features it offers on what platform, for the good of its users.

To Microsoft, the product comes first. Apple puts the customer first.

Using Windows 8 feels like using two different machines, and on a desktop or laptop, one of them doesn’t work very well. That, added to the fact that the “Desktop” environment looks and acts like Windows 7, makes the whole thing even more disappointing. I think most users will just click through to Desktop, ignoring Metro, viewing it as just something in the way. That isn’t good for Microsoft, or its users.

As more of these “Windows 8 is confusing and jarring” comments come in, the more ridiculous the “no compromises” thing will seem.