On Android Tablets 

As pointed out by John Gruber, TechCrunch is reporting that Asus has only sold 2,000 or so of its Transformer Prime tablet..

2,000. Since December.

As Gruber remarked, Android isn’t winning in the tablet space.

(While the Kindle Fire has surely sold better, Amazon’s custom stuff on top of Android really puts the Fire in its own class, next to the Nook tablet.)

That said, dozens of Android tablets have come out since December, when the Prime shipped, and dozens more will ship this year.

I don’t understand why OEMs keep making these things. Do they each think that their tablet will be the one to make it, breaking the streak? Google might be ready to “double down” on the tablet front, but it really seems like whatever the company can do, it will be too little too late. The iPad is nearly uncatchable, if that.

Furthermore, why do sites like the Verge and others keep spending so much time reviewing these things?