Drafts: Capture and Share

Drafts is a new iPhone app that makes capturing and sharing text super easy and super fast.

I like to think of it Launch Center for words. It’s the smartest, most flexible note app I’ve used yet on iOS.

It can send text to Twitter using iOS 5’s built-in account tools. Drafts can also send text directly to Tweetbot, opening the “New Tweet” sheet.

The handy word and character count is great for this usage.

With full Markdown support, I can write in the syntax I’m used to working in. I can preview my Markdown to make sure I didn’t miss an * and then copy it to the clipboard for use in another app or email it, all from within Drafts.

In beta testing, it quickly became my go-to application for just jotting stuff down. Since it saves recent drafts, it’s a great place to stash little notes throughout the day that don’t really belong anywhere else. With so many options to get things out of Drafts, I don’t worry about data lock-in.

Drafts will be available in the iOS App Store on the 9th for just a buck. It’s one of those apps I wonder how I lived without it for so long.