Who Uses Digitimes as a Source?

Alex Heath, in a story titled, “Digitimes: We’re Sorry We Get All Our Apple Rumors Wrong” at Cult of Mac:

Digitimes has been one of the main sources of Apple rumors over the last several years, but anyone who follows Apple will tell you that the Taiwanese publication is more often wrong than right.

Heath wasn’t kidding when he said “main source.” A quick Google site search returned over 3,200 results for “Digitimes + rumor” on Cult of Mac.

I’m sure that number will be bigger if I run my search again in a year.

Here are how some other sites faired:

Of course, to be fair, this little experiment doesn’t really show what posts actually contain. For example, Jim and Peter at the Loop have been hard on Digitimes in the past, so I know that all 32 of their results aren’t stories using Digitimes as a source.

Still, the numbers are interesting.