Welcome Back

Late last week, I announced that I had moved 512 Pixels to Squarespace’s platform. The move went smoothly; their import tool sucked in all my content and placed it with no trouble whatsoever. After the move, however, I started getting email about broken links on the site.

After several emails back and forth with Squarespace’s support team and some digging on my own, it was discovered that the issue was a result of my changing my permalink structure in WordPress several weeks ago. The resulting change made old links unreachable from inside or outside the Squarespace version of the site.

The error was my own. Squarespace’s tools really are as good as the ads say. Their support staff has been helpful and quick to respond.

All that said, 512 Pixels is back on WordPress for now. I’m not ruling out attempting the move again, but doing so will require a bit more work on my end, again, due to the change I implemented.

What’s awkward about this is that Squarespace is a sponsor of my podcast and my site, both via Fusion and The Syndicate. However, I paid the full sticker price for my Squarespace plan. While my move back to WordPress shouldn’t be seen a failure on Squarespace’s part, I also need to be clear that they didn’t ask me to write this, nor did they approve it before I posted it. I keep a wide line between my editorial content and advertising messages, and that will continue to be the case no matter where my site is hosted.

On a related note, while the RSS feeds should be working properly, not everyone can hit 512pixels.net in their browser at this time. This is simply a result of the way DNS propagation works. If you see a Squarespace error page or your browser simply times out, your ISP simply hasn’t picked up the change yet. This should improve over the next 24–48 hours.

I’d like to apologize for the crazy test posts and the general confusion I might have created over the last 72 hours. It should be smooth sailing from here on out.