More on Dropbox as a photo management app

Since posting yesterday about my new Dropbox-based photo management system, I’ve gotten several repsonses like this one from @sgo on

The one thing I don’t like about managing photos that way is you’re paying for storage twice…Dropbox and your backup service.

I pay $10/month for a 100 GB Dropbox Pro account. My photos currently take up just shy of 38 GB of that space (which is actually 118 GB thanks to referrals). If I ever need to pay for the 200 GB plan, I have no problem doing so.

Thanks to Dropbox, my photos are now on both of my Macs and their separate Time Machine drives, on Dropbox’s servers as well as being on my rotating backup drives and Backblaze.

Storage is cheap. Memories aren’t. I can’t replace photos of my kids. I can always buy more hard drive space.