Thinking Way Too Hard About How Apple Decorated Yerba Buena For Next Week’s Event

Apple has San Francisco’s Yerba Buena all done up with its logo set in front of a wildly colorful backdrop.

Here are some things all of this could mean.

  • The new, taller iPhone screen will support color images. As have all iPhones.
  • Apple will be releasing colorful new iPods alongside the new iPhone.
  • The new iPhone will indeed ship with a taller screen. This is obvious looking at the vertical orientation of the graphics.
  • Phil Schiller has listened to Narrow Stairs one too many times while staring at the album artwork.
  • The new iPhone will come in colors, Lumia 920 style.
  • Tim Cook designed the graphics after taking some LSD he found in Steve’s office.

Update: People on the Internet have too much free time.