On Angry Birds Star Wars →

Chris Plante at Polygon:

Angry Birds Star Wars is the first in the series to allow players to manipulate gravity. The Obi-Wan-bird (that sound you hear is a thousand Star Wars fans groaning at such a phrase) has the ability to use the Force (a telekinetic-like power) to bend the gravity surrounding objects on the screen, batting them like tinker toys in any which direction, often toppling nearby, precariously built architecture in the process. The Force also serves the enemy pigs. Darth Vader-pig levitates platforms in certain stages, and taking him out releases the objects, raining down on helpless Empire-pigs. The Force isn’t just a gimmick in Angry Birds Star Wars, it’s a layer of strategy.

Feel that?

It’s as if millions of nerds suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.