App Review: Check the Weather 

I’m a huge weather nerd. In high school, I got certified via Skywarn. Some buddies and I almost got killed one night chasing a tornado an hour or so east of Memphis.

That said, I’ve never been really happy with a weather app on my iPhone, until I came across the simply-named Check the Weather.

The app uses GPS (or pre-saved locations) to pull up the correct weather information. The main screen shows the current state of things, with a look ahead at the day, as well as the next three days.

There’s a lot more to the app than just that, however.

Gesturing in from the left shows an hourly forecast, complete with sunrise and sunset times, while pulling in from the right reveals an extended 16 day outlook.

The real magic, however, occurs when pulling in from the bottom, which reveals a Dark Sky-powered radar.

Here’s the app, laid out in separate screenshots:

The gestures work perfectly, and the panes slide in and out very smoothly, but Check the Weather is as handsome as it is useful. The app can be set in a number of color schemes, with numerous font choices, but I think most nerds will choose Futura or Helvetica.

All in all, David Smith did a great job building this app, and it’s enjoyed a place on my homescreen for some time. If you like weather and well-designed apps, it’s well-worth the 99¢.