On Thunderbolt’s Future »

Chris Foresman at Ars Technica:

Apple isn’t giving up on Thunderbolt anytime soon. All of its computers come with at least one Thunderbolt port—save the Mac Pro, which Apple CEO Tim Cook has all but promised would be upgraded in 2013. The latest Retina MacBook Pros include two Thunderbolt ports. And it appears that its Thunderbolt Display is due for a refresh sometime soon.

Though Thunderbolt hasn’t exactly taken the Windows PC world by storm, several motherboard makers now offer options for built-in or add-on Thunderbolt support. And notebook makers are adding Thunderbolt as well—Intel’s booth this year featured a classy-looking HP Envy Spectre Ultrabook for demonstration purposes.

When thinking about Thunderbolt, I can’t help but consider Firewire. While it didn’t take the world by storm, it was an important standard, especially in our Mac-centric world. While I think Thunderbolt holds more promise than Firewire ever did, time will tell if the new standard will enjoy wider adoption than the old ever did.