On The Chromebook Pixel

Earlier today, Google took the wraps off the Chromebook Pixel, a notebook with a 12.85-inch, Retina-quality touch display, 1TB of cloud storage (for three years) and optional LTE.

Google touts its Chrome OS as the way forward:

Pixel boots-up in seconds and stays fast, requires almost zero setup or maintenance, and comes with virus protection built-in. Best of all, it stays up to date with seamless updates every few weeks.

At $1200, this machine flies in the face of previous statements made by Eric Schmidt. I guess since netbooks died out, Google decided to copy the MacBook Air, right down to the chiclet backlit keyboard, glass trackpad and its “machined anodized aluminum alloy” chassis.

And what does the company think this notebook is best for?

On the Chromebook Pixel, your favorite Google products – like YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts and Drive – shine.

You know what else Google products “shine” on? Any. Other. Notebook.

I really think Chrome OS is a cool idea, but this just seems silly. I have no doubt the company will push this product, but the software doesn’t seem to justify the hardware Google’s thrown at it.