OmniFocus 2 Unveiled →

At an event in San Francisco last night, the OmniGroup unveiled OmniFocus 2, a giant update to the venerable GTD app for the Mac.

The new version looks great. While I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, it looks like the guys at the OmniGroup have kept OmniFocus as powerful as ever, but in a much better looking and powerful design.

The new version the same as the old — $79.99 — but with a twist:

The Standard edition of OmniFocus 2 and will include all of the basic features which we’ve talked about above, and will cost $39.99.

The Pro edition of OmniFocus will offer the option of building custom workflows like OmniFocus 1 does today, with its support for Perspectives and AppleScript.

Perspectives are a key component of OmniFocus for many users, and while I’m sure that the lower price point will bring many new users to the product, I dislike the stripping of such a great feature just to hit a price point.

Existing owners will get 50 percent off when they upgrade. I can’t wait.