Wozniak, on the Original Mac →

The whole thing is worth reading, but this part jumped out at me:

Every time we improved the Macintosh, year by year by year, it got closer to what the Lisa had been.

We didn’t get the Lisa back until we got OS X from NeXT. Once we had OS X, that was the Lisa! But we had it so early … If we had just worked on it and developed it until it was at a personal computer price, we would’ve had the most incredible technology ever for GUI computers and we would’ve really owned it and had the rights to it. So Macintosh… the Macintosh failed, really hard, and who built the Macintosh into a success later on? It wasn’t Steve, he was gone. It was other people like John Sculley who worked and worked to build a Macintosh market when the Apple II went away.