Here are some Overcast-related headlines that I’ve been workshopping:

  • Overcast: Cloudy with a chance of podcasts
  • Finally.
  • Overcast rains on Instacast’s parade
  • Orange you glad Overcast is out?
  • Overcast: The BMW of podcast clients
  • BREAKING: Overcast does support shows on networks
  • Overcast beats Fast Text for iOS 7 to release
  • Something Something Accidental

Joking aside, Overcast is great. It’s been on the home screen of my iPhone from the very first beta, and even though it isn’t as full-featured as some of the competition, it’s a real winner. The app’s Smart Speed feature which dynamically shortens silences, which has saved me over five hours of time over the last few months. Overcast actually makes you younger.

If you are old, or listen to podcasts with a Jambox while in the shower, Overcast’s Voice Boost feature normalizes audio and makes it louder in a clear, even way. It’s a great way to squeeze more decibels out of a device without blowing everything out.

Overcast is free on the iOS App Store, with a $4.99 in-app purchase that unlocks lots of goodies.