Dropbox overhauls Pro offering →

This morning, Dropbox announced a revamped approach to the company’s Pro offering.

Instead of the tiered structure in place before, all Dropbox Pro users will now have 1 TB of space on the service for $9.99/month or $99/year.

The new monthly price matches Google Drive’s monthly cost for the same amount of storage. Paid annually, Dropbox is actually cheaper.

In addition to the increased space, Pro users can set passwords and expiration dates for shared links and view-only permissions for shared folders. Lastly, Dropbox Pro customers can remotely unlink and remove a Dropbox folder from a lost computer.

I’ve used Dropbox Pro for years, and store a ton of data on the service. It’s good to see the company taking Google on in price and storage, and the new features are more than welcome.