Introducing Relay FM →

As I type this, it’s sometime between 1 and 2 in the morning on Saturday, August 9. My kids and wife are in bed. It’s raining. I’m on the couch, with my iPad, thinking about the last several weeks, months and years of doing whatever it is I do on the Internet.

This fall, 512 Pixels will be six years old. A few years into it, I got invited to be on The Bro Show, an interview show with two guys from England who wanted to talk to me about tech. We hit it off, and over the last four years, Myke and I have created hundreds of hours of audio content for listeners to enjoy.

A couple of years ago, Myke sent me an IM about the opportunity to join 5by5. He asked my advice, and I gave it. We joined 5by5 and kept making things together. We have enjoyed greater success than I ever thought possible. What we do is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people each week. We have parody Twitter accounts and t-shirts we’ve been asked to sign. The high is amazing.

Leading up to this year’s WWDC, Myke and I were talking about the future of our shows and about what the next step could be. I could tell it was leading to something bigger. We tossed ideas around and used the opportunity to meet with several people we look up to when in San Francisco and discuss our potential plans.

Since getting home from California, I’ve had many late nights like this. I’ve pored over business paperwork, set up a livestream server and reviewed endless rounds of design work. I’ve woken up almost every morning to a barrage of iMessages from Myke, following up on things, the six hours between our respective time zones slowly closing as we’ve worked longer and longer hours.

I’ve heard it said not to go into business with close friends, but there’s not another person on the Internet I’d rather make things with than Myke.

We’ve spent lots of money, lots of time and lots of energy in creating Relay FM. It’s ours. We’ve molded it with our own hands; what it is and what it becomes is up to us and our amazing hosts. Relay is a labor of love, and I think it shows.

In one week, thousands and thousands of people will download our shows and tap play on their devices, hearing Myke’s laugh, Federico’s accent, Brad’s passion and Casey’s near-cursing.

That makes it all worth it. Join us as we switch on.