Quotebook 3 →

Quote keeping is a problem with a thousand possible solutions.

Quotes can be stored in apps like Vesper, Simplenote, Evernote or even Google Docs. But the data entry sucks, and there’s no relationships built across pieces of data. There’s no structure to the data, leading to messy storage.

Take Evernote for example. I rely on it daily as my Anything Bucket. It does a good job at doing lots of things. It’s a generalist.

Generalists are boring.

Quotebook 3 by the handsome young men at Likability is not messy or boring. Some of the best apps on iOS are ones that do very specific things. Quotebook is in that class.

The new version of the universal comes with super fast iCloud syncing, the ability to import quotes from Tumblr and Facebook and share them with Tweetbot, Day One and more.

Because Quotebook is a specialist, however, it’s fine-tuned to the work of collecting and reviewing quotes. Here’s the entry screen:

The app can pull in names from the device’s contact list, and sources from song titles from your music library. Tapping on a source or name brings up all related content, and with tags, it’s easy to organize quotes across categories or topics.

Quotebook 3 is $4.99 on the iOS App Store.