Revisiting the Pebble

When I reviewed the Pebble back in March 2013, I wasn’t all that nice to it. The software was rough, and at the time, iOS didn’t offered even less control over notifications than it does now.

However, with Apple stepping into the smartwatch arena early next year, I thought the Pebble was worth revisiting. Not that the Kickstarter darling is in the same league as Cupertino’s device in terms of hardware or software, but the idea of notifications going to our wrists is about to be a lot more mainstream.

So, to see if that’s actually helpful, last week, I ordered the basic $99 black, plastic Pebble. I’ve been wearing it since Friday, and am going to wear it for a month to see what life is really like with a tiny screen on my arm. I’ll be reporting back over the next several weeks with my thoughts.