An update to the YouTube to Huffduffer workflow

This is follow-up to Friday’s post on ripping audio from YouTube and sending it to Huffduffer with Workflow for iOS.

As I wrote on Friday, Dropbox’s handling of shared links doesn’t play nice with Huffduffer, so I was sending my audio out to a remote server via Transmit for hosting.

Turns out, there is a way to do this with Dropbox and Workflow. It does require Clean Links from the iOS App Store.

My new workflow works as before, but uses Clean Links to accommodate Dropbox’s URL handling.

It’s important for me to say I wasn’t clever enough to think of this. The URL business is all lifted from Daniel Breslan’s workflow tackling a very similar problem.

This is the beauty of working with this app. Taking parts of what’s out there and building something new is super easy. It makes me want the app’s Gallery feature to be a lot more robust.