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Let’s face it, brainstorming and sketching sucks!

You rather go straight to coding or building.

But, hold on gun slinger…

All great products start with a sketch. Even the fastest cars and sleekest phones started out as a sketch.

If your idea is the seed, the sketching is the water that will bring it to life.

With Loose Leaf you can now easily sketch your ideas and flush out the key concepts so you can start building your products.

Loose Leaf offers iPad users a fresh, simple, scratch paper app for brainstorming, sketching, cutting, and sharing.

Bring your creativity to life and let your ideas finally be understood by your mom and grandma.

Quickly and easily import images and photos; then cut, crop, and annotate to get your ideas across.

Loose Leaf was made for that exact moment when pen and paper say it best. Perfect for one-on-one meetings, storyboarding, brainstorming, and more.

Get it for iPad on the App Store.