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FeedPress is a powerful RSS platform for bloggers and podcasters.

Their RSS analytics platform is crazy powerful, but dead-simple to use. It includes built-in diagnostic tools, responsive design, multi-feed redirect and push support, integration with popular analytics and publishing tools.

With custom host name redirecting, you are not beholden to a single platform. If you choose to leave, you may do so — a simple change in redirect is all you need to get up and running again.

I’ve been using FeedPress for years to power the 512 Pixels feed, and it runs smoothly and quietly, as it should.

Recently, FeedPress announced podcasting hosting as well. It takes all of the company’s brilliant RSS tools and marries it to affordable and reliable hosting.

Support is responsive and available 7 days a week via email with lots of great tutorials available to answer any questions.

FeedPress now serves more than 30 million requests per month and is trusted by many popular blogs and podcasting networks such as: ESN, Mule Radio, Unprofessional, The New Disruptors, Beautiful Pixels, Inessential, Macgasm, The Brooks Review, and of course 512 Pixels.

Sign-up today and try FeedPress out for 14 days. Podcast hosting starts at $8 per month (per podcast) or $4 per month for just blog and podcast analytics.

Use promo code 512Pixels030315 during checkout to get 10% off your first year.

FeedPress: RSS analytics done right.