Apple updates 15-inch MacBook Pro and iMac 5k →

The 15-inch MacBook Pro now ships with a Force Touch trackpad, better internals and a bump in battery life. The high-end model is now shipping with an updated AMD video chipset. One of these will be my next Mac.

Update: It looks like these machines are still powered by Haswell-class chips, not Broadwell. I will probably roll the dice and wait for new chipsets and hope the MacBook keyboard isn’t added at the same time.

Apple also introduced a new, second model of the iMac 5K. Priced at just $1999, it comes with a less powerful video card and a spinning hard drive, while the $2299 machine comes with a Fusion Drive. If I were in the market for an iMac, I’d drop the money to go pure SSD.

It’s interesting to note that USB-C is still only on the new MacBook, and that the butterfly keyboard Apple touted as being better than its old one isn’t on the new notebooks. The entire Pro line has been updated since that MacBook event. My guess is that there’s a bigger release on the horizon somewhere.