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¡Es como mil monos trabajando en mil máquinas de escribir tradujeron esta aplicación! On ne comprend rien de ce qu’on dit, c’est pas croyable!

…and so on. Those are the app reviews from developers who used fly-by-night localization companies or, for maximum pain, Google Translate.

International users pay good money for apps in their language. Don’t treat them like second-class netizens. Earn more downloads, more revenue, more respect, and invaluable goodwill from your users by hiring a talented team specialized in app localization. Babble-on has been doing this for 12 years, from a time when “apps” were called “programs” — really they were! We have a team of over 130 specialized translators that only do localization, and the same translators keep working on your app for each update you send us to ensure it sounds consistently spectacular.

Like free stuff? Babble-on has a whole toolkit of tutorials and shortcuts to get your iOS localization up and running, including free pseudolocalization to test in your apps, screenshot review, and a Localizable.stringsdict generator to get plurals done right. We also give lots of free and unsolicited advice to make sure your international users are as happy as your US users.

Try us out. Trusted by the likes of Tinder, Pivotal Labs, Hewlett-Packard, as well as hit games like RockOn, and Shades, we’re a whole lot better than a thousand monkeys typing at a typewriter. (We use computers instead!)

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