WWDC 2015’s videos

For years, Apple has relied on videos to help tell the story of their products, but this year’s WWDC keynote videos were especially well-done. The entire keynote — including the hilarious intro video — can be seen over on Apple’s website.

The App Effect

In this film, Phil Schiller, Neil deGrasse Tyson and others talk about the importance of apps, not only to Apple’s platform, but to the way people work, play and live.

Apple Music – Music needed a home . . . so we built it one.

This video discusses that music shouldn’t be treated as data, but as art. Apple Music’s pillars of streaming, curation and artist communication are paired with Apple’s new worldwide radio station, Beats 1. This video does the best job explaining the full breadth of the offering — “one complete thought around music.”

Apple Music – Worldwide

This video focuses on Beats 1, Apple’s upcoming worldwide radio station. It bring back the joy that radio once had, before we could each build our own, isolated playlists. Radio can connect people, and this video tries to re-ignite that romanticism.

Apple Music – History of Sound

In many ways, this is my favorite of the four films. Starting in 1888, it builds a narrative saying that while the technology has changed, the medium of music remains special and powerful. I award bonus points not only for some sweet Walkman shots, but the inclusion of several old iPods and an iMac G4.