RSS Sponsor: Claye — The Weirdest Album You’ll Hear All Year →

Claye is an independent experimental pop album about the last thirty seconds of your life. It was created similarly to the way that many of your favorite apps were made: just one guy alone in his apartment with some computers and a copy of OmniFocus, trying to make something great.

If you’ve never heard Claye before—you probably haven’t—I’d suggest listening to these songs to start:

  1. Butter
  2. Weird
  3. Mouse Trappe

Once you’ve got the hang of it, give the whole album a try from start to finish. You can listen to Claye on Apple Music, Spotify, or buy it directly from the musician himself.

Be sure to stay in touch with Dylan—he made Claye—by following him on Twitter (@dylanseeger), and by signing up for shockingly brief email alerts for new releases.

Most importantly, give Claye a try. It’s weird, but I think you’ll like it.