Thanks to everyone who sent me feedback about my article on Here’s some stuff I wanted to share more broadly:

  • Jason Burk sent me an email pointing to a blog post in which he outlines the workflow he used to move from Evernote to Notes.
  • Jason and others also sent me a link to Notes Exporter, a free Mac app that can export your Notes as plain text files. I ran it this morning, and got a pile of .txt files, as promised. The app didn’t do anything with my attachments, but I didn’t expect it to. There is some weird formatting in some of my files, but it’s nothing that couldn’t be cleaned up.
  • I got a lot of suggestions for Dropbox iOS text editors. I’ve tried most of them, but a few were new. If I end up back in that space at some point, I’ll have more apps to try.
  • I got an email from someone wondering if the font size in could be adjusted at the .plist level. I tried that in writing my review, and couldn’t get anything to work. If you have some magic up your sleeves in this area, get in touch.