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Are you a full-time freelancer or independent worker? Do you make a pretty good living and like the work you do? Every year, do you think “man, why is my tax bill so high?” then think, “well, I guess this is just how it is for folks like me.”

Then, you write that big check to Uncle Sam. You may find yourself wondering if you could have done something different. Or, if the check is really huge, you might even wonder if it wouldn’t be cheaper to just get a regular job again…

Chances are, if you’ve read this far, Andrew Carroll can help you.

He’s a CPA/PFS, CITP, and CGMA and the General Manager of NCH Tax & Wealth Advisors in Fullerton, California. What all that means is that, to be honest, he probably know more about taxes than you or anybody you know.

Andrew has worked with dozens of people just like you in situations just like the one described above.

The Freelancer’s Guide to Escaping Taxes is a distilled version of the same advice he’s been giving to folks just like you for years. If you want to know the truth, Andrew figured out it’d more efficient to spend the time writing it down than repeatedly saying it. Go check it out.