Mac System 1.0 →

Dan Vanderkam, writing in 1998, about the very first version of the Mac’s operating system:

OK, the last first glimpse difference is probably the biggest shocker. In the disk, you can see the icon of a system folder. You can also see that there’s only 196K in the disk! This means that the system folder on it must be positively tiny! Well, as you can see from the list view at the right, that’s darned true. Yes, that’s the COMPLETE system folder! For some comparison, look at it this way: In system 7, the scrapbook file alone is usually twice as large as this system folder! Ahh, if only apple still made things this small. Nowadays, a full system folder easily tops 100 megs, and can easily have over a thousand items in it. A thousand! That’s a far cry from the six that made up the original system folder.