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John Vorhees has released Associate, an incredibly clever and useful iOS app for creating Amazon affiliate links:

Associate’s search functionality means the entire Amazon store is at the tips of your fingers, literally. Run a search and tap the result you want. Associate does all the hard work of generating an affiliate link that includes your Amazon Associates credentials. Once you have your link, you can share it with one person or a thousand, its just as easy either way.

If I review hardware or link to a book on Amazon, I do it with affiliate links.1 It’s not a huge part of the income 512 Pixels generates, but it helps. On the Mac, I’ve used a bookmarklet in Chrome to create affiliate links, and now, thanks to John, I can do it easily on my iOS devices.

Finding items to link to is done in a very clever way: Associate simply passes the search query to an in-app browser that loads up the Amazon website. Tap the item, and a link (or Markdown-formatted link) is generated automatically.

Associate is $4.99 on the iOS App Store. Go check it out!

  1. I know some people don’t like this, but oh well. HEY LOOK GO BUY A DRONE.