Hopes and dreams for WWDC

I’ve been crazy busy this week getting ready for WWDC and just realized I hadn’t published my government-mandated list of predictions and desires. The items below are in no real order, but it’d be great to see them all. Forgive me if it reads like I’m in the middle of a fever dream.

Update: I’ve graded my wish list now that the keynote is done.

Mac OS X

  • Renaming OS X to “Mac OS” would be better than “macOS” but I think the latter one will win because Phil Schiller likes everything nice and tidy – YES
  • Night Shift & Dark Mode – NO
  • Improved Mac App Store app with fewer bugs and fewer bugs and fewer bugs – KINDA? iCloud can be used outside the MAS now.
  • Relaxed sandboxing rules for App Store apps – NO
  • Overhauled Mail.app with modern features like snoozing, filtering and better support for Gmail’s unique features – NO
  • A Safari UI that doesn’t try to center everything in the window chrome – NO
  • Safari support for WebRTC – NOT SURE
  • New hardware but LOL SIGH I KNOW. – LOL


  • Improved app picker for iPad multitasking – NO
  • Drag and drop between multitasking apps – NO
  • Dark mode – NO
  • Copy and Paste that actually works – UNKNOWN
  • Updated AirPlay that works more like Chromecast and allows the sending device to be used more freely while AirPlay is going – NO
  • Emoji search and maybe stickers – NO AND YES
  • An update to the third-party keyboard system that makes them usable – UNKNOWN
  • Collaborative Notes.app – YES
  • Way to turn off the news headlines in Spotlight easily that doesn’t disable other features – YES


  • Redesigned app screen – KINDA. The Dock is a big deal.
  • Speed and connection reliability, but that may need new hardware, which won’t be on Monday – YES
  • Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh something else to get excited about – YES. NO MORE FRIENDS CIRCLE


  • Night Shift & Dark Mode – YES
  • Centralized sign-in for cable or ISP credentials that apps can reference – YES
  • Additional data sources for Siri – YES
  • Picture in Picture – NO
  • Include media only found in a local iTunes folder in the “Movies” and “TV” apps. A lot of my content is locked away in the “Computer” ghetto and it’s a pain to remember what is where – NO
  • Amazon Prime Video A pony – LOL


  • Siri API that allows Siri to send and retrieve information from third-party apps as easily as it does things like Reminders and Calendar now – YES. If you fit into one of their intents.
  • Increase in amount of free space for uses. 5 GB is LOL, Apple – NO
  • Improved iCloud email rules and spam filtering – NO
  • Revamped iMessage with rich media previews and attachments – YES
  • Better handling of split iMessage threads because ain’t no one got time for that – UNKNOWN