Review: Clockwork Synergy NATO Apple Watch Band

Clockwork Synergy NATO band for Apple Watch

When I bought my original Apple Watch, I opted for a stainless steel model with a black sport band.

Over time, I picked up a couple more sport bands, as well as the newer nylon band.

I like them all, and was never tempted to check out any third-party options, even after Apple announced its official Watch Band program.

However, recently, I was reminded how much I missed NATO-style watch bands. These are made of nylon, and folder over themselves using a set of keepers.1 I really like the look, and had one on the Seiko 5 I wore for years before the Apple Watch came along.

After doing some searching one night on my iPad, I came across Clockwork Synergy, a company that makes a ton of watch bands, including a NATO strap for the Apple Watch.2

At checkout, you can select which lugs you want to use. As I’ve since upgraded to a Series 2 Sport in space gray, I ordered matching hardware.

These lugs are not part of the aforementioned Apple program, and it shows. The color is a little off, and while they hold well enough when engaged, sliding them in and out of the channel on the Watch is rougher than I wish it was.

I’m not worried that I’ve damaged my Watch by using this band, or that my Watch is going to fly off into the next gutter I walk by, but I have had to let go of the fact that the finish on the lugs is slightly darker than that of the watch.

The band itself is incredibly well made. The nylon is on par with my old Seiko band, and the stitching is straight and neat. Every nylon band I’ve ever used stretches and relaxes a bit with time, but the holes are close enough that I haven’t had trouble finding a comfortable fit. The strap doesn’t come loose from the keepers, which is something some NATO bands don’t get right.

Clockwork Synergy NATO band for Apple Watch

I’m not using this band every day. The sport bands are hard to beat for anytime I’m going to get sweaty. However, I like this band more than Apple’s nylon band, which is just too long for my small, delicate wrists.

Options are a fun part about the Apple Watch. I’m glad to have another in the drawer of my nightstand.


When I bought this band from Clockwork Synergy, I bought a second to hold a giveaway for 512 Pixels readers.

To enter to win, drop me an email via this link before Friday and I’ll pick a winner over the weekend. I’ll pick a winner at random and will ship it anywhere in the world.

  1. That’s right, I asked a watch guy what those are called. 
  2. This review is of a product I bought with my own money. Just wanted to make note of that.