Video: The iPhone 5c →

In 2013, Apple didn’t simply knock $100 off the price of the iPhone 5 when the 5s was announced. Instead, it replaced it with the plastic, colorful iPhone 5c.

The 5c was pretty much an iPhone 5 with a slightly larger battery and a better FaceTime camera, wrapped in a seamless, colorful plastic case. To date, I think this iPhone feels better in-hand than any other.

Leading up to this, there were many rumors about a cheaper iPhone. The 5c was decidedly not that phone; all it did was take the place of the iPhone 5 in the $100-less-than-it-used-to-be spot in the lineup.

Apple didn’t get into why the iPhone 5 disappeared so quickly. Perhaps it was a manufacturing issue, or they couldn’t get costs down enough to offer it for less. Whatever the reason, I’m glad the 5c exists. It’s just a lot of fun.

The 5c was available in five colors, and Apple made a unique, hole-punched case in six colors. It was easy to customize a look to your certain tastes. I’ve recently rounded them all up and made a little video about this unique iPhone:

You can download a bunch of high-quality photos of my iPhone 5c collection as a 434 MB .zip file here.