WWDC 2017 Hit Apple Nerds Right in the Feels 

WWDC is winding down here in San Jose, and I think everyone’s pretty happy.

Most people I’ve spoken to like the move from San Francisco to San Jose. I know I do; I feel like WWDC has taken over the downtown area in a good way. It’s easy to run into people in a venue or restaurant and strike up a conversation because chances are, they are here for the conference. The badass WWDC jackets helped make it easy to spot each other.1

I’ve gone to the same events I always have, in venues that are pretty spectacular in most cases.

(If you came to a Relay FM event, thank you! We are already making plans for next year to accommodate bigger crowds.)

The good feelings apply to the conference, too. Except for the diehard Mac mini fans, I think everyone has something to be happy about this week.

iPad users got new hardware, and an impressive software update that is going to redefine multitasking and file management on iOS. I’ve spent some time with iOS 11 on an iPad already, and it is very impressive.

I can’t wait to get my hands on that 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Everyone I have talked to says the new screen is incredible to behold. I guess I’ll find out early next week when FedEx brings mine by the house.

Mac users got a lot of new hardware. The MacBook has been revised with a better keyboard, the MacBook Pros are faster and the iMacs are now equipped with Thunderbolt 3. For the pro users among us, the preview of the iMac Pro is the news of the week, despite the Mac Pro’s future form still unknown.

macOS High Sierra may not the best-named or most exciting release of all time, but that’s what many of us wanted. Taking some time to breathe, the macOS team has fixed lingering issues and made improvements across the board. A Snow Leopard year is just what the Mac needed.

With WWDC in the rearview mirror, Apple’s year can begin. Developers are hard at work tuning their apps, podcasters have months of content to discuss and we can all enjoy the updates to the products we use and love so much.

  1. I really like this year’s jacket, and usually I don’t care for them. The pins were a great addition, too. I am avoiding eBay for a while.